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Is CoManage an accounting program?

No, CoManage is not an accounting program but an invoicing tool. You can send your digital invoice manually or automatically to your accounting program.

which company is behind CoManage?

CoManage was developed by CRE8, a company located at maastrichtersteenweg 163 in Maaseik, Limburg (Belgium).

what happens after my 14-day trial period?

You decide for yourself. If you are not satisfied with CoManage, you can simply delete your account. If you want to continue with the paying package, you can easily add your payment details and continue working.

Is my data safe?

From the first version of CoManage to today, we have always placed privacy at the highest level. The entry of the GDPR / AVG on May 25, 2018 does not constitute an additional organizational or programming burden for us in that respect. Read here what CoManage does to protect your data.